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Thanks for visiting the website! It seems that curiosity has gotten the best of you. Or maybe you just clicked the wrong link or typed in the wrong web address. But no matter how you got here, I'm very glad that you are! The Lord works in mysterious ways. I started this show because I made the decision that I'm going to turn my life around. I also want to inspire other people out there that I don't know and will possibly never even meet, that you can do it too! That you're not alone! You're not the only person on the face of the this wonderful planet that is struggling. Somebody out there is or was going through the same thing. Somebody out there is or was going through something much worse. There is help that is everywhere and all around us. Because God is everywhere and all around us! I know that changing you're life isn't easy, but come along with me on my journey and hopefully I can inspire you to do the same. Maybe even bring somebody that you know along with you. Or give them the push they need to take that first step. So please share the show with people you know. Please subscribe, rate and review the show on the Apple Podcasts app and iTunes. Keep track of all of the show's news and updates by Liking and Sharing the show's on Facebook page. You can also contact the show by sending a message on Facebook or just by clicking the Contact tab to left there. I want the show to reach, grow and help as many people as possible!

As most of you can tell, this is an independent podcast that doesn't have help from sponsors or advertisers. So if you feel the call to help out, please click the Donate button above to donate any amount. So that I can advertise the show more often and in more places. Growth is key to doing anything great, and growth can't happen without help. Thank you and God bless anyone who decides to donate.


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